350 legend review on deer 350 Legend and dropped the deer either on the spot or within 20-30 yards. . 357 maximum and my. 1. . . 30-30 Win. . In short, it can be used year round, for crop. . The 450 needs a special magazine follower to convert regular 20 round mags into single stack 5 round mags. The 22-inch button-rifled barrel is finished in matte blue, and the stock features a good-looking camo pattern. . . " I have Reloader 7, and CFE Pistol, but there is no load data for these. 300 BLK Deer Season XP, 150-Grain Extreme Point. I've decided to buy a Bear Creek upper in 350 legend. (Photo by Michael Anschuetz) The trigger is Mossberg’s LBA, one of the several triggers today that has a vertical safety bar in the center of the trigger shoe. 350 Legend currently tops my list. Most of the time its the hunter not the firearm that is the limiting factor. . 350 legend Friday night on my way to KY. Can be used in a lot of midwestern states shotgun zone. Two downsides of the. Not sure what they do for 450. AR-15 GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA (AR15GOA) HOME OF AMERICA'S MODERN SPORTING RIFLE. Plinking ammo will probably be whatever jacketed 147 grain that feeds. The matte-blued. 350 Legend Ammunition 20 Rounds 170 Grain Sof. There are many better options if you don't fall into one of those two categories. I bought a Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 350 legend in November along with some ammo, dies, and such. The death knell is our limited 9-day gun season, and the limited usefulness. . . Sunday before I left camp I did the ole boresight at 50. 350 Legend is essentially a. I was also able to collect some velocity data on the 350 Legend upper. 350 Legend is not a pistol cartridge, despite being quite similar to one in a number of ways. 170—which should make it a very poor penetrator given the above. Combining the 350 Legend on-game performance with the feature-rich Mossberg Patriot bolt-action rifle makes this duo a great choice for deer, feral. Three of those guys have or had 450 Bushmaster rifles. 8 Western Review: Winchester XPR VS Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Max Long Range. The most comparable. This was a stupid side-charger, I swapped everything out with my old upper and sold it. 2,896. , yet delivers less recoil than the old deer classic. While I would not refer to the XPR in. Join our YouTube Milestone G. This was a good, baseline round, but Hornady wanted to surpass it and design a better hunting round. . . . The new 350 Legend offers higher velocities than any straight-wall deer cartridge, with significantly less recoil than 450 Bushmaster in a compact, maneuverable platform. At 100 yards from a bench I put 3 shots in a nickel size spot with all 3 touching. .
The. 350 Legend combines three main benefits: low cost, low recoil, and large-caliber effectiveness on medium-sized game — 50 to 300 pounds — all in one caliber," Masinelli said. Wait 'til you see what 350 Legend can REALLY do at 100 and 200 yards. . . The best barrel length for a 350 Legend is between 24 and 16-inches. Jun 19, 2022 · What’s cool about the 350 Legend is that it’s a great deer hunting round that can be used in a lot of midwestern states in place of a shotgun, but not only that, it was also designed to be economical for target shooting as well!. 350 Legend ballistics are a 150gr bullet at 2,325 fps (1,800 ft-lbs), a 160gr bullet at 2,225 fps (1,759 ft-lbs), or a 180gr bullet at 2,100 fps (1,763 ft-lbs). Take a look at this chart. . . Uploaded by downrangevideos on November 1, 2019 at 9:07 am. This 350 LEGEND upper starts with an AR-15 MILSPEC 7075 T6 Forged Aluminum receiver, mated to a Tactical Kinetics 18 inch 350 Legend , Carbine Length Gas System, 1:16 Twist, Medium Profile, Nitride/Melonite treated barrel. . 38″ THREADED - Ruger 26981. He uses the new. 357 inch, though many have measured the bullet diameter of Winchester’s ammo at. . 1 - 20 of 98 Posts. 350 Legend. Location. 357. . Sep 19, 2019 · We are so stoked to use the 350 Legend round deer hunting this year with our Alex Pro Firearms AR pistol! What's super cool about the 350 Legend: Great deer hunting round out to about 200 yards. Along with the bonded-core hollow-point, the modernized cartridge design with. And Winchester’s compact version of the XPR Hunter in. This added weight makes them naturally slower than a 110-grain bullet fired through the same barrel. Henry’s singe-shot in. #4. 357 Magnum? Elmer Keith took deer in excess of 400 yards with. Jun 22, 2022 · Above left to right:. 350 Legend with a 165 gr FTX Flex Tip bullet; it offers fast. AR15 - 75% aluminum alloy with the critical parts steel. . 350 Legend - $32. 35 Remington.

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